One drink

  • Peter gets hurt
  • Anytime you see 'Quahog'
  • Any gay reference
  • Peter's trademark laugh
  • Someone falls down
  • Any cartoon reference
  • A flashback sequence
  • Anytime Brian drinks
  • Peter does something dumb
  • Peter says 'holy crap'

Two drinks

  • Stewie talks to stuffed animals
  • Stewie tries to kill Lois
  • A gag is repeated
  • Stewie formulates a plan
  • Stewie has a weapon
  • Brian and Stewie fight
  • Peter embarrasses Meg
  • Stewie says 'go to hell'
  • Peter is watching TV
  • Any reference to a movie

Three drinks

  • Quagmire makes a sexual reference
  • Chris gets nervous around a girl
  • Peter gives Chris bad advice
  • Peter forgets his kids' names
  • A non-human character is shown
  • Any nudity
  • A visit to the Drunken Clam

Chug your drink

  • Lois in lingerie
  • Peter has facial hair
  • Appearence of the 'evil monkey'
  • Lois' parents show up
  • Mention of a TV network / censors
  • Stewie & Brian sing / dance
  • A rambling monolog